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Transforming Residential and Commercial Spaces into Pristine Environments – Edith ProCleaners, LLC

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We Provide a Residential Services

Unparalleled Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Residential and Commercial Needs – Edith ProCleaners, LLC

House Cleaning Services

Transform your home into a haven of cleanliness with Edith ProCleaners, LLC. Our skilled team meticulously tackles every room, leaving no corner untouched. From dusting and vacuuming to sanitizing surfaces, we ensure a spotless and refreshed environment.

Moving In or Out Cleaning

Ease the stress of moving with our comprehensive cleaning services. Whether you're moving in or out, our dedicated team meticulously cleans every inch of the space, ensuring a fresh start or leaving the property in pristine condition.

Clutter Removal

Restore order and create a serene living space with our clutter removal service. Our expert team declutters, organizes belongings, and creates a system that suits your needs, transforming chaos into harmony.

Home Offices

Maximize productivity with our home office cleaning service. We clean and sanitize equipment, dust surfaces, organize paperwork, and create an efficient and clear workspace for optimal focus.

Window Cleaning

Let the natural light shine through with our streak-free window cleaning service. Our skilled team ensures crystal-clear windows, both inside and out, enhancing the appearance of your home or office.

Deep Cleaning

Go beyond regular cleaning with our thorough deep cleaning service. We target hidden dirt and grime, reaching every nook and cranny. Our specialized techniques create a fresh and hygienic environment.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Ensure safety and optimize dryer performance with our professional vent cleaning. We remove lint, debris, and blockages, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing fire risks.

Customized Cleaning

Tailored to your unique needs, our customized cleaning services create a personalized plan. Whether it's a one-time deep clean or regular maintenance, we adapt to meet your expectations.

Estate Sales Cleaning

Make a lasting impression with our comprehensive estate sales cleaning service. Our experienced team meticulously cleans the entire property, ensuring it's clean, fresh, and ready for showcasing.




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We Restoring Shine and Freshness to Your Residential and Commercial Properties.

Our Services

We Provide a Professional Commercial Services

Your Trusted Partner in Creating Healthy and Spotless Environments

Real Estate Pre & Post Sale

Edith ProCleaners, LLC specializes in real estate pre and post-sale cleaning. Our expert team meticulously cleans every corner, ensuring the property is in its best condition. From thorough dusting to deep cleaning carpets, we create a pristine environment that enhances marketability.

Estate Sales Cleaning

Trust us for comprehensive cleaning services during estate sales. We transform the entire property into an appealing space for potential buyers, leaving it clean, fresh, and ready for showcasing.


We understand the unique cleaning needs of restaurants. Our dedicated team sanitizes surfaces, removes grease, and ensures a clean and inviting dining environment that meets health and safety regulations.

Construction Site Clean Up & Out

After construction or renovation work, we provide thorough clean-up services. Our experts remove debris, dust, and materials, leaving the site clean, safe, and ready for occupancy.

Customized Cleaning

We offer personalized cleaning plans tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's a one-time deep clean or regular maintenance, our services are designed to meet your expectations and create a clean and healthy environment.

Office Cleaning

Experience a productive and healthy workplace with our professional office cleaning. Our team pays attention to detail, ensuring clean and hygienic spaces that leave a positive impression on employees and clients.

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Your Trusted Partner

Unparalleled Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Residential and Commercial Needs – Edith ProCleaners, LLC


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This has been the second time we have used Edith’s Pro Cleaning for a deep clean of our home. She does an amazing job and has such great attention to detail. Highly recommend!

Victor DeFrancis

We have been having Edith come for move out cleans and deep cleans. Every time she has done 110% I highly recommend. She has great communication and fast response time.

Emily Kelly

Wonderful job they did a lot of great work, I will be having them back ! Thank you for a truly great job .There are not enough words to describe Edith Pro Cleaners. Simply the best. Professional hard working, our house looks amazing, better then I could have hoped. If you are looking for the best you found her, contact today and know you are in good hands.

Douglas Phillips

Can we find more businesses like this, where you can go to work and come home to a clean, fresh home, and not worry if they will do a good job Yes, I said home, it feels so good. My wife is the happiest I have ever seen. Good job Edith procleaners, thanks so much for being so reliable. See you in two weeks.

Andrew McNor

I contacted this company to help set up some cleanings for a friend who has recently had a very sad loss in her life. Andrew was very responsive and appropriately kind and compassionate about the situation. Edith was also very kind and considerate when stopping by to give a quote for cleaning services. My friend was completely thrilled with their first cleaning service yesterday and reported: "It was so wonderful! They cleaned everything --including things I don't think I've dusted for years!!! It was an amazing and wonderful treat. Thank you!" She is looking forward to their next visit! Thank you so much Edith Pro Cleaners.

Margaret Jeffries

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